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 P.O. BOX 2754 Hendersonville TN  37077  Tel: 615-852-8517

About Us


"Personal Development Experts"

GenysUS Life Center is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Teaching Center for personal development and empowerment.  We provide systematic training, effective programs, and diverse healing therapies that aid in the positive transformation of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of people.


Our Purpose is to help people to access and direct their true potential. (To Empower God's People)


Our Mission we are committed to providing effective training and resources at lower costs for a greater positive transformation of human life.


At GenysUS Life Center, we stand as a beacon of light for those who are struggling personally or have diminished hope. We believe that All Life is significant, Everyone is valuable, we are all connected, and governed by physical and spiritual laws, We are "One."


Our Founder,  Rev. Toya Brown was inspired to create GenysUS Life Center after having a life-changing experience in 2008. She discovered after helping countless people that many have the desire to make a change but lack the skills, resources, and knowledge to elevate themselves to new levels of living. She made it her mission to create a space where people could receive insightful knowledge, training, resources and ongoing support Anytime, Anywhere.