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What is Meditation:

Meditation is a practice that benefits body, mind and soul. It is said that when we pray we speak to God - and when we meditate we listen to God.

We are Multi-level beings:

PHYSICAL BODY: Our physical body is comprised of matter and energy.  It encompasses the environment, your personal molecules, and the life force (Prana) that enlivens the matter of your body.  Becoming more conscious of the choices we make to engage the world by minimizing toxicity and maximizing nourishment is key to a healthy body. Meditation helps us make better choices by enhancing our ability to listen to the needs of our bodies.

SUBTLE BODY: Our subtle boy, includes our mind (thoughts, desires and emotions), our intellect (the choice maker) and the ego (self image). When our minds and emotions are turbulent, we experience raised heart rate and blood pressure, stress hormone release and weakened immunity. Meditation helps us reduce mental and emotional turbulence.

CAUSAL BODY:  Our body is our underlying field of consciousness, which include our soul and spirit. When we experience life from the level of our spirit, our choices bring us greater happiness, peace, love, meaning, and purpose.  Through Meditation we experience progressively expanded states of awareness, enabling us to remember our essential nature as infinite and eternal.

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